Our Beginning And Purpose

Our Passion is to Provide Risk and Security Solutions for Our Customer’s Ever- Changing Challenges
About Cornerstone Risk Management

Cornerstone Risk Management is Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business that was founded in September 2016.  Our company, headquartered in beautiful Fredericksburg, Virginia, only 50 miles south of Washington DC, was founded by Dale Jones, a lifelong risk and security management professional with more than 35 years of combined security operations, risk management and national defense experience. Mr. Jones founded Cornerstone Risk Management after very successful stints as corporate-level business unit director, senior business developer and business strategist, program/project manager, and subject matter expert for three different companies following his honorable retirement from the United States Air Force (Security Police/Security Forces) in 2003.

Mr. Jones’ driving ambition for starting Cornerstone Risk Management can be traced to his strong desire to provide first-rate risk management, security and continuity services built upon deep professional knowledge, while also offering a best-value proposition to customers and teammates alike. We hold the strong opinion that first-rate risk management, security and continuity services and support should not cost our customers an “arm and a leg.” We believe our expertise enables us to seek out and find those hard-to-find affordable protection and continuity solutions that deliver real, tangible value that we can pass on to our customers.

Our mission, vision and core values are more than nice sounding words framed and hanging on a wall; we hold them in high regard and strive to practice and live them out in everything we do. Although they are fairly short and succinct, to us they clearly communicate who we are, what we do, and where we want to go.



Our Mantra

Success and prosperity are only possible when a solid foundation is present…and every solid, dependable foundation begins with the perfect Cornerstone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior risk, security management, and continuity services…everything we do is driven by the needs of our valued customers.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide affordable, first-rate risk, security and continuity solutions to counter the world’s ever-changing challenges of today and threats of tomorrow.

Our Core Values

Be honest and trustworthy in everything we do. Without honesty and trustworthiness, everything else is called into question. It is our cornerstone, our foundation, to our business.

Work hard and do our best. We believe that good things happen to good people who work hard at their craft or profession. It’s not always easy, but in the long run it is more than worth the extra effort and care.

Treat others, including their business, like you want to be treated yourself. We feel this value takes it a notch or two beyond the normal customer satisfaction standard. There may not be a higher customer relationship standard than this.

Actively and boldly support our local community. We believe making the world a better place starts right in our own back yard.

Enjoy our journey. Our passion for the profession allows us to treat each new day and challenge as a gift; each new relationship as a beginning; and each new success as a Blessing.