Business Development and Proposal Support

Business Development and Proposal Solutions for Today's Ultra-Competitive Marketplace
Our Business Development and Proposal Support Offerings

Cornerstone fully understands the frustration of being “so close” but not quite close enough in winning that elusive contract award.  In today’s highly competitive procurement environment, the difference between a great proposal that puts your company over the top and chalks up a win, and a good proposal that finishes second or third, is razor thin.  And unfortunately, despite the time, money and hard work invested in executing business development activities and crafting proposals, finishing second or third just doesn’t pay the bills.

We have nearly 15 years of comprehensive business development and proposal support experience under our belt, having successfully performed in a number of different capture and proposal development roles.  We strive to stay current with industry-leading professional organizations and thought leaders, utilize business and proposal development best practices and benchmarked methodologies, and continuously seek out new learning and self-improvement opportunities through attendance and participation at various courses, webinars, training events and workshops.

Cornerstone is prepared to respond and provide a wide variety of support services designed to help identify and capture opportunities and then leverage and convert those opportunities into winning proposals that generate revenue, profit, and business growth.

For most of our Business Development and Proposal Support services, we are flexible and open to finding arrangements that best fit for our customer’s needs and resource limitations.

Cornerstone’s Business Development and Proposal Support offerings include:

  • Opportunity identification
  • Capture management/strategy development/execution
  • Competitive analysis
  • Proposal management
  • Proposal writing
  • Color team reviews and evaluation during proposal development
  • Post-Red Team triage/recovery
  • Oral presentation support
  • Post-award decision analysis and lessons learned


“The most effective organizations are 10 times more effective in winning competitive new business than industry averages, based on several industry benchmarking studies dating back to the late 1980s.” Larry Newman, Shipley Capture Guide



Budget-Friendly and Right-Sized Options for Small Businesses

As a small business, Cornerstone Risk Management has a special affinity for other small businesses.  This is not to say we feel less for our mid and large business customers, but there is a special bond associated with being a small business that supports other small businesses.  We can fully appreciate and relate to the unique challenges and limitations that come with being a small business, such as: limited bid and proposal budgets; scaled-down proposal shops (if one even exists); limited graphics production capability; and the necessity of limited staff wearing many different hats along the capture and proposal development process. (For example, the capture manager may also be the proposal manager and have a major writing assignment)  We understand the never-ending challenges of being a small business, and we strive to deliver our service and support in a manner that is flexible, adaptable and fits their particular business model.

Feel free to Contact Us…we would enjoy striking up a conversation and seeing if Cornerstone can help your small business with their business development and proposal support needs.