Business Continuity / Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Business Continuity / Continuity of Operations (COOP) Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs
Business Continuity/COOP Program Development and Planning Services

Business Continuity/Continuity of Operations (COOP) includes significant elements of program management, risk assessment, emergency management, and security organized and integrated into well-defined and systematic processes that allow for identification of potential loss consequences, and the development of continuity and recovery strategies and plans in order to counter those consequences.  

Cornerstone is highly experienced and proficient in providing first-rate Continuity services, having previously supported a number of high-level clients having complex, far-reaching operational missions deemed critical to National Security.  With more than three decades of experience, we are fully prepared to provide comprehensive, affordable Continuity services and support specifically designed to meet our customers’ unique and most challenging Continuity program needs.

Our professionals take great care in incorporating core risk, emergency management and continuity principles and practices codified in relevant standards and guidelines in all of our Continuity work.  We strive to continually stay abreast of the latest best practices and benchmarks that emerge in the Continuity field so that we may pass on the resulting benefits of those progressive methods to our valued customers.

A sampling of Cornerstone’s Continuity program development and planning-related service offerings include:

  • Development of comprehensive Business Continuity/Continuity of Operations (COOP) programs consistent with, and aligned to, relevant Continuity standards and guidelines.
  • Development of Continuity associated strategies and plans needed to execute an overall Continuity program.
  • Risk Assessments to gather and obtain information needed to develop sound, applicable Continuity program strategies and plans.  These assessments are all-hazard in nature and include core risk aspects of likelihood and severity of hazards/threats being realized, vulnerability, impact/loss consequence, and effectiveness of existing prevention and mitigation strategies and measures.  Supply chain Risk Assessment is also included within this offering.
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) in order to characterize and identify disruption event impact and consequences, critical functions, single-point failures/single point vulnerabilities, dependencies, supply chain factors, and recovery priorities so that data-driven, defendable recovery objectives (RTO/RPO) can be developed and implemented.  The BIA also specifically identifies those systems, processes, and resources that are essential to the entity’s ability to execute its assigned mission.
  • Resource Needs Assessments in order to satisfactorily address the hazards and impact identified during the Risk Assessment and BIA.  Resources include people, equipment, facilities, technology, information/intelligence, funding, available expertise (internal or external), and time.  A number of factors are included in this assessment such as:  location and availability of alternate facilities; cost of mitigation strategies and measures; applicable response times; existing capability; and ability and limitations of acquiring, receiving, marshalling and/or mobilizing supporting resources.


“One of the greatest failures of a leader is to do nothing about that disruptive something you know for certain is lurking on the horizon, waiting to bring you to your knees at the worst possible time.”


Continuity Program Evaluation and Exercise Services

Cornerstone has deep expertise in Continuity program execution and has successfully applied that expertise in a number of past projects in support of customers having fast-paced, high impact missions requiring robust Continuity capability. Our Continuity experience, combined with the broad evaluation and exercise knowledge we also possess, allows Cornerstone to provide customers with a wide selection of robust evaluation and exercise services focused on determining overall program effectiveness.

We have developed comprehensive evaluation and analysis tools that measure a number of Continuity program elements, such as strategies, plans, procedures, resources, risk management, alternate facilities, and delegations of authority to name just a few. The evaluation tools can also be used to establish Continuity program baselines (for organizations in the early developmental stages) or utilized over time to measure the extent of overall Continuity program improvement and maturation.

Cornerstone can also design and delver flexible, scaled Continuity exercise support needed by customers to meet their specific requirements.  Our exercise support offerings range from Discussion-Based Exercises such as seminars, workshops, and table top exercises, to Operations-Based Exercises such as functional and full-scale exercises.  In all cases, we develop exercises using industry-recognized systematic methodologies and best-practices.

Cornerstone provides the following Business Continuity/COOP program evaluation and exercise support services:

  • Overarching Business Continuity/COOP program evaluations consistent with, and aligned to, relevant Continuity standards and guidelines.  Areas of program evaluation may include program strategies, plans, procedures, SOP, checklists, training, existing capabilities, alternate facilities, Continuity communications, information exchange, program performance measures, support agreements, and resource mobilization readiness.
  • Program exercises and tests designed to practice, rate and subsequently improve various aspects of the overall Continuity program.  The scope and scale of exercises and tests can vary depending upon the intended purpose, maturity of the program aspects, and complexity of the aspect to be exercised or tested.

If you have other Continuity requirements that are not listed here, we would love the opportunity to talk with you and see what your needs are and how we may help.  The conversation is free, and if Cornerstone can’t support your requirements we may be able to refer you to someone who can.