Houses of Worship Protection

We Provide Risk and Security Solutions While Assuring HOW Sanctity is Maintained
Houses of Worship Protection Requires Reverential Understanding and Consideration

At Cornerstone Risk Management, we view Houses of Worship (HOW) protection as a very special and unique expertise and service offering that demands and deserves a great deal of sensitivity, understanding and humility.  Yes, humility in the sense that common risk and security solutions successfully implemented at other types of facilities or organizations such as businesses, shopping centers, or airports may not be appropriate for HOW protection and it takes humility as a practitioner to not force a solution where it does not fit.

The balance between appropriate levels of security and HOW sanctity is an ongoing challenge that not all risk and security businesses fully understand.  In some cases that precarious balance can shift disproportionately to one side or the other based on very subtle changes that unexpectedly and significantly impact the congregation and staff, such as a security policy change.  In other not-so-subtle cases, new security measures, such as placing security cameras within the sanctuary, can lead to heated, emotional response and outcry from the agitated congregation.

At Cornerstone we clearly understand the delicate balance between security and sanctity because our company was founded and relies heavily upon our faith.  We literally formed our company following extensive research, thought and prayer.  Because of our extensive risk and security experience, and because we are active members in our own local church, we clearly understand the nuances associated with protecting HOW without offending, disrespecting or minimizing the reverential nature and presence that exists.

As with all of our service offerings, Cornerstone’s first step is to meet and work closely with HOW staff, learn the specific and unique context of their issues, and tailor risk and protection solutions that best meet their requirements and budget.  Again, as our mission states, “…everything we do is driven by the needs of our valued customers.”


“There is no element of religious freedom so basic as the ability to go about one’s life and gather with others for worship without fear of physical assault.” U.S. Department of Justice, Religious Freedom in Focus, Vol. 68


Houses of Worship Protection Service Offerings

Cornerstone uses both time-tested and emerging risk and security management principles and practices, and we take great care in incorporating applicable industry directives, standards, guidelines and best practices into all of our risk and security protection efforts.

Our team possesses hard-earned industry leading credentials that confirm and validate our security knowledge and professionalism through multiple certifications offered by ASIS International (Certified Protection Professional [CPP] and Physical Security Professional [PSP]).  Our extensive experience combined with clear understanding of the sensitivities involved in protecting HOW enable us to work with and provide optimal risk and protection services and support within the proper balances of security and sanctity.

For HOW protection services, we are flexible and open to a number of different arrangements that best meet customer needs and resource limitations.  And be sure to ask about the special rates we offer for HOW protection projects.

Our Houses of Worship protection service offerings include:

  • HOW-Oriented Risk Assessments – Our expertise in the areas of risk, security and continuity position us well to effectively identify, assess/analyze, mitigate, and monitor risk to HOW.
  • Security Strategy, Policy, Plans, and Procedures (SOP) Development – Cornerstone can develop specific security strategies, policies, plans, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and security checklists tailored to best meet your needs.
  • Security Team Development and Staffing – Using a proven multi-step process, Cornerstone can develop and help staff security teams that are precisely right-sized and configured to meet specific HOW needs.  Through analysis, we can ensure security teams are organized and positioned to best respond to varying threats and other security needs.  We can also develop alternative security solutions in lieu of additional personnel, and analyze no-cost/low-cost options that may lead to a reduced security team footprint.
  • Security and Risk Management Training – We offer a wide variety of security and risk-related training services tailored to your needs.  Our flexible training offerings can be conducted as group workshops, individual one-on-one instruction, or any other format that best meets training needs.
  • General Risk and Security Consulting – We offer general risk and security management consulting that addresses a number of areas and issues customers may have that are not already identified in our existing service offerings. Because our services are driven by the needs of our customers and we are very adept at developing processes and methodologies, we are great at working with customers and together figuring out ways to best resolve their unique issues.

Give us a call — we’d love to discuss your specific protection needs and concerns, and hopefully we can work together to resolve any risk and protection issues you may have.