Risk Management

Extensive Risk Management Expertise Tailored to Meet Our Valued Customer's Unique and Diverse Requirements
Highly Experienced in Multiple Risk Management Methodologies and Frameworks

At Cornerstone, our goal with each and every client is to address their complex risk management needs while also delivering best-value returns on investment.  We combine extensive subject matter expertise with industry-leading standards, guidelines, and best-practices in order to provide clients with reasonable and balanced risk management solutions of the highest quality that can be sustained over time.

We truly believe our efforts can aid and improve our client’s strategic decision-making processes, ultimately leading to a number of positive outcomes including:  enhanced operational capability and sustainability that increases enterprise value and promotes efficient use of limited resources; and establishment of safe and secure working environments that stimulate productivity and growth for employees, business partners and customers alike.

Cornerstone’s professionals are intimately familiar with risk management aspects such as threat, vulnerability, and loss consequence/impact, and have used a number of different quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques to assist in executing risk assessment and mitigation activities.  

We also take pride in our membership with ASIS International and the access that membership provides to industry-leading risk management resources, risk-related information exchange, introduction and exposure to emerging technology and products, and highly sought-after and globally respected professional practitioner certifications.  Cornerstone currently possesses Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Physical Security Professional (PSP) designations and utilizes ASIS standards and guidelines whenever possible during risk management project execution.

Examples of our risk management offerings include:

  • Comprehensive risk management services and support
  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) services
  • Risk-related training and awareness
  • Comprehensive risk management program performance evaluation


I’ve worked with Dale Jones, the founder of Cornerstone on multiple air cargo and Supply Chain Risk Management projects…a true risk expert! When I need risk management expertise Cornerstone is my first choice. Michael S. Bradshaw, President, Jadin Tech, LLC



We Also Specialize in Post-Assessment Risk Management “Back-End” Support

In addition to tasks and activities normally associated with the “front-end” of risk management, such as threat, vulnerability and impact assessment and analysis, Cornerstone also offers a wide selection of services designed to support the “back-end” of risk management as well.

We’ve all heard horror stories of organizations participating in risk assessments, but somewhere along the line the formal risk report wound up stuck away in someone’s desk or safe, never seeing the light of day again until a significant event occurs that causes everyone to scurry for answers; or the executive or even bigger boss starts asking hard-hitting risk questions like “whatever came out of that risk assessment we had 5 years ago.”  And if the report is squirreled away somewhere, it is safe to say ongoing, proactive risk management is not happening.

We believe this all-too-common scenario is, above all else, avoidable.  It also represents a missed opportunity to increase enterprise value and actually save or earn additional money.

Prior to starting Cornerstone, our founder developed and successfully used a standardized process for back-end risk management support for multiple high-level clients.  This process, which is aligned and consistent with core risk management principles, provides a systematic and repeatable approach that can be tailored to specific customer needs and requirements, resulting in attainment of often-missed value that back-end risk management can deliver.

Cornerstone Risk Management is well-versed in providing a number of different services associated with the back-end of the risk management process, and can develop tailored solutions specifically designed to address even the most unique customer requirements.  Some examples of service offerings we provide relating to back-end risk management include:

  • Establishment and execution of risk-oriented governance structures
  • Risk Register and active status tracking
  • Ongoing risk treatment prioritization based on ever-changing factors beyond the initial risk assessment
  • Integration of risk findings and mitigation measures into strategic planning objectives and budgetary requirements
  • Budget development, programming and justification based on risk management output
  • Objective risk mitigation effectiveness evaluations


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