Security Education, Training and Exercise

We Provide First-Rate Services Tailored to Meet Your Specific Security Education, Training and Exercise Needs
Security Education and Training Services

An organization’s overall risk management and security operations effectiveness depends largely on the proficiency of those persons charged with executing the overall operation or program.  Cornerstone understands the critical importance of having strong, proactive, multi-tiered education and training programs in place that provide the knowledge, skills and ability required to attain and maintain that proficiency.

Cornerstone offers a number of flexible options designed and targeted at delivering task-specific, initial, recurring/refresher, on-the-job, and qualification education and training solutions.  As with all of our other service offerings, we work hand-in-hand with our customers in designing and delivering a customized program that best meets their needs.  Our approach is never cookie-cutter—what we offer is custom-design and delivery of high-quality education and training services at an affordable and fair rate that meets the spirit and intent of our company vision, “…to provide affordable, first-rate risk, security and continuity solutions to counter the world’s ever-changing challenges of today and threats of tomorrow.”

Our team can provide the degree of support commensurate to the customers’ needs. Cornerstone is ready and able to develop and deliver entire end-to-end security education and training programs.  Or we can provide a lesser degree of support such as a specific lesson plan or training instruction for a certain subject matter area.  Whatever the degree of support needed, we can help.

Cornerstone’s Security Education and Training services include:

Security Management and Leadership-Focused Training

Subject areas within this management and leadership-focused education and training area include:

  • Management, leadership and supervision of security operations, teams and supporting staff personnel
  • Organizational development and performance optimization
  • Change management
  • Security staff conflict resolution and effective team building
  • Personnel appraisal and duty performance management
  • Security metrics and performance measurement
  • Effective Security Communications —controlling that 24/7/365 shift-unique monster called the “Rumor Mill”

Security Augmentation Training

Security education and awareness training courses tailored for non-security professionals within an organization that are assigned or are expected to execute security related duties.  This could include additional duties augmenting the security force or be as subtle as observing, detecting and reporting unauthorized or suspicious activities within the work place, such as a detecting and reporting a person within a controlled area who is not wearing the required security badge.

Risk Management Program Development and Execution Training

Subject areas include:

  • Executing risk assessments/analysis utilizing a number of different assessment methodologies and frameworks
  • Establishing and facilitating a risk governance structure charged with managing the risk management program
  • Developing defendable, justifiable risk countermeasures
  • Implementing a continuous and cyclical feedback and review process

Tailored Risk Management and Security-Oriented Learning Workshops

Our team will develop and deliver tailored learning workshops that address a wide array of different subject areas.  Learning workshops currently offered include:

  • Integrated physical security systems design and evaluation at the organizational, campus, complex and facility-levels
  • Writing workshops focused on developing security-related plans, procedures, manuals, checklists, and other job aides

If there’s a learning workshop you need and it’s not listed, let us know and we can discuss it.

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“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” Pele, Brazilian soccer player widely considered greatest ever


Security Exercise and Evaluation Services

Cornerstone Risk Management is prepared to meet and work with customers in order to fully understand the specific and unique nature of their exercise needs. Then, based on clear understanding and customer intent, our team will provide tailored exercise support that best meets established requirements and resource availability.

The level of support Cornerstone can provide ranges from comprehensive exercise program development, that includes an annual (or multi-year) exercise and evaluation plan, framework, toolset, etc., to individual exercise planning and execution such as creation of a Master Scenario Events List (MSEL), or development of a specific exercise type such as a tabletop exercise.  Whatever the exercise needs, we are prepared to deliver first-rate service and support needed to achieve established client goals and objectives.

Cornerstone incorporates global, national, and industry directives, standards, guidelines and best practices into our work, including best-practices offered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) within the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

Cornerstone’s Security Exercise and Evaluation offerings include:

Comprehensive Exercise Program Development

Cornerstone is well-positioned to develop comprehensive exercise and evaluation programs that include best-practice aspects such as an annual or multi-year exercise plan; formalized exercise planning process; improvement and after-action reporting mechanism; exercise governance and planning structures; and an exercise budgetary and resource management framework.

Individual Exercise Support

Cornerstone’s staff has substantial expertise in planning, developing, managing, evaluating, and controlling various types and sizes of exercises.  We have supported smaller rather simple exercises, as well as larger more complex full scale exercises involving a number of complicating factors.  We can provide clients a multitude of different services in support of Discussion-Based Exercises (seminars, workshops, tabletop exercises, and games) and Operations-Based Exercises (functional exercises and full-scale exercises).

Post-Exercise Management Support

Often times, organizations spend a lot of time and limited resources planning and conducting exercises.  But all too often the exercise ends, people go back to their pressing priorities of work, and the exercise report (if one is actually written in the first place) ends up stowed away in someone’s desk drawer.  And as a result, the true value payoff of the exercise, that is the implementation, mobilization and resourcing of the after-action/improvement plan, is not fully realized.  The opportunity to implement improvement and change based on factual output derived from the exercise is missed, and likely never to be recaptured to the full extent possible.

Cornerstone offers a variety services designed to support effective and efficient post-exercise management activities, with the goal of capturing and realizing the full improvement and change value that exercises can provide.  We have developed and successfully implemented a systematic and repeatable methodology that can be tailored to specific customer requirements, resulting in greatly improved realization of the often-missed value of post-exercise management.  Post-exercise support services may include:

  • Formalized and systematic updating of policies, procedures, plans, and other core documents based on tangible exercise findings and demonstrated practical evidence
  • Restructuring of organizational alignment, functions, and responsibilities
  • Generation of prioritized and resourced mitigation strategies
  • Budget development, programming and justification that addresses exercise deficiencies
  • Internal operations self-assessment that allows managers to self-inspect specific areas within their operation based on documented exercise findings
  • Objective evaluation and follow-up analysis of exercise finding mitigation effectiveness

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