Security Operations Management

Over 35 Years of Demonstrated Security Operations Excellence - We Can Help Solve Your Toughest Problems
We Offer an Extensive Portfolio of Security Management Services

Cornerstone is prepared to respond and provide a security operations management services and support designed to help resolve your most pressing security needs.  Our broad expertise spans the entire security operations spectrum, from manning an individual security post at 3 a.m. in the morning, to managing and leading 300-plus person security organizations charged with protecting our Nation’s most critical assets…we have literally “been there and done that.”

As with all our service offerings, Cornerstone’s first task is to meet and work with the customer, learn the specifics and unique context of their operations and issues, and tailor a security solution that best meets their requirements and budget.  The key here is that we actually listen to the customer, and as our Mission Statement says “…everything we do is driven by the needs of our valued customers.”  

We are extremely knowledgeable of both time-tested and emerging security management principles and practices.  In addition to nearly four decades of practical experience, we have attained advanced security management education, and possess hard-earned industry leading credentials that confirm and validate our security knowledge and professionalism through multiple certifications offered by ASIS International (Certified Protection Professional [CPP] and Physical Security Professional [PSP]).  For most of our security management services, we are flexible and open to finding arrangements that best fit customer needs and resource limits.  Feel free to contact us as we would welcome the opportunity of getting to know you and discussing your issues and needs.

A sampling of Cornerstone’s Security Operations Management offerings includes:

  • General Security Management Consulting – We offer general security management consulting that addresses broad subject areas not already identified in our offerings below.
  • Security Strategy, Policy, Plans, and Procedures (SOP) Development – We develop products that are highly functional (meaning they actually get used!) and enduring.  We are proponents of the “living-breathing” method that helps ensure documents remain relevant with time, while also providing a sustainable means for continuous improvement.
  • Comprehensive Security Operations Manual Development – We’ve intentionally separated security manual development from our strategy and plans offerings because feedback we’ve received indicates the manual is especially troublesome for many organizations.  Cornerstone can help!  We develop customized, comprehensive security operations manuals that are functional, practical and sustainable over time.
  • Security/Response Force Planning, Analysis, and Staffing – Cornerstone uses a multi-step, proven methodology to ensure security force organization, structure, composition and positioning is optimized to address your varying levels of security and protection needs.
  • Security Budget Development and Justification – We offer security-specific budget development, programming and justification support that links to strategic goals and objectives.
  • Security Operations Metrics Development – Similar to security manual development, feedback indicates metrics development is a challenge many security managers and leaders absolutely dread.  Cornerstone can help develop sound, useable security metrics and measures of performance that fit your organization’s mission, culture and needs.  Once in place, our metrics provide lasting benefits as a management tool by using fact-based operational data to help influence sound decision making and improve performance through tangible measurement.
  • Security Operations Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program Development – Cornerstone is experienced in the development and execution of quality control programs specifically designed to support security operations and organizations. Other security-specific quality-oriented services we can develop and execute includes:
    • Individual Security Post Proficiency Evaluation (Standardization/Evaluation) – We use a multi-phased individual security post proficiency process that provides security managers assurances that assigned security personnel are proficient in executing their assigned duties.
    • Development of Internal Security Self- Assessments – Our team meets with customers and creates a tailored internal operations self-assessment that allows managers to self-inspect specific areas within their operation. This self-assessment is scalable and could include an entire security organization, or simply one or more functional areas, such as accountability procedures and auditing for work centers charged with issuing and maintaining security badges. For flexibility and sustainability purposes, we design these self-assessments so they are not overly complicated to execute.


35-plus years of comprehensive security operations experience; multiple ASIS International board certifications; advanced Security Management studies. This is the formidable Cornerstone capability.


Other Security and Protection Service and Support Offerings

Cornerstone is confident we have the ability, no matter the complexity, challenges, or assets involved, to provide clients with high-quality, cost effective solutions.  We base our confidence on hard-earned/hard-learned best practices, as well good old fashioned boots-on-the-ground, roll-up-your sleeves practical expertise.

In addition to the security management services previously described above, Cornerstone also provides the following:

  • Physical Security-oriented vulnerability assessments and analysis
  • Security site surveys
  • Comprehensive security program evaluation (to include operational, administrative, and resources-based functional areas)
  • Full-Spectrum Antiterrorism/Force Protection support
  • Physical Security evaluations and assessments
  • Integrated security system development and evaluation
  • Special Event (venue) security planning support

Because our services are driven by the needs of our customers and we are very adept at developing processes and methodologies, we are great at working with customers and together figuring out ways to best resolve their unique issues.  

If you don’t see the service offering you’re looking for, feel free to Contact Us and let’s start a conversation.  A lot of great partnerships and accomplishments began with a simple “hello.”